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The desire to act for ecological transition

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We offer a wide range of services from the conception of specifics processes to the optimisation and the support to existing plants. An important part of our activities is devoted to R&D.


Anaerobic Digestion


Coordination and implementation of ecological processes sectors
Rationalization of co-products from anaerobic digestion according to circular economu concepts: BioGNV, CO2 and digestate recovery , heat reuse, etc.
Constructed wetlands, water reuse
Engineering consultancy, consulting and technics expertise
Biogas upgrading: studies and design
Process optimization, physicochemical analysis interpretation, correctives actions
Aftercare and assist of the operation
Monitoring systems for remote control: proper functionning of electromechanics equipments, physicochemical sensors
Interface between client and expert
Technical assistance
Small scale biogas unpgrading, synergy with spirulina, etc.
Small scale anaerobic digestion, self-building, etc.
Adjustment of reed bed filters processes to new conditions
About us
Epurtek is the adventure of four partners sharing common moral values. The company is indeed a project to contribute to the ecological transition. Personnaly invested in the eco-citizen sphere with associative approaches, the members of the team have merged to apply their professional project: assisting the environmental operators, especially the owners of process who have the responsabily to satisfy basic needs: water use and treatment, wastes, energy production.

The expert sectors of the company is directly linked to environmental concerns: renewable energy, waste treatment, water treatment. The operators have as well their activities related to: farmers, agribusiness, energy producers.


The tools that we develop are focused on the owners of environmental processes. They enable the support of these essential operators. This pave the way to a sharing of the responsibilities such as production of renewable energy or waste recovery, so that the operations become more useful on the territory by offering them more durability. Their social and environmental optimization (environment rejection of the processes, landscape integration, safety, etc..) is a main concern. The processes would be more highlighted when their environmental impacts would be lower, offering to the owners a better gratitude for the efforts made for the common well-being.


Services and projects offered have a real economic potential. The innovations answer to a real demand and are adaptable to different sectors. By acting in the advanced technologies fields and by focusing a low cost technologies, the company is placed on niche markets.

Our team
David Benizri
Head of R&D
Environmental processes PhD, INSA Toulouse (2106). Experience Research fellow on a process of purification of biogas in a SMEs and then in a laboratory, studies and expertise in anaerobic digestion, biogas upgrading, study on water purification in Cameroun. Specific skills Research in anaerobic digestion and biogas purification
Dan-Tâm Costa
Engineering degree in processes and environement, INSA Toulouse (2012).
Experience Operations with biogas and waste water treament plants, study and consulting for reed bed filters and small scale methanation, in France and in Vietnam, agroecological development. Specific skills Anaerobic digestion, constructed wetlands, communication.
Romain Sahores
Head of IT, Co-director
Engineering degree in electronic and embedded systems, INSA Toulouse (2011). Experience Development of connected sensors network and users interface. Development of industrial products in design office. Specific skills Analogue/digital electronic and embedded softwares, IT, network and web development.
Karim Azzhiri
MSc in civil engineering and environmental geosciences, UPSSITECH (2014).
DFST Expert in decontamination, INSA (2015) Experiences Responsible of studies and follow-up of deconstruction works, waste management, decontamination of water tables and soils. Specific skills Waste and hazardous pollutants (asbestos, hydrocarbons, etc.). Technical and legal monitoring.
They trust us

Macadam Gardens
Abbaye Sainte-Marie de la pierre qui vire

Instrumentation and functioning data collection of 6 biogas plants combined with cogeneration.

Modelling of production of biogas needed to match differents scénario of modulation for the network electricity injection.

Smart Clean Garden

Study, design and instrumentation of a pedagogical and research garden for wastewater treatment and reuse on the University of Sciences and Technologies of Hanoi (USTH) in Vietnam.


Designing, modelling and building of a pressurized water scrubber with water recycling (40 Nm3/h of biogas)

Farm biogas upgrading

Modelling of a small scale scrubber optimized for the NGV production, (1 to 2 Nm3/h of biogas)

Optimization and prospective modelling of biogas recovery processes into purified NGV and CO2 (7 Nm3/h of biogas)


Laboratory characterization of CH4 and CO2's abilities of dissolution by using specific solvents

  • Distilled water and network public water
  • Saline solution for the cultivation of Spiruline

Field work

  • Regeneration performances of solvents
  • Dissolution performances of ground water

Smalll-scale farm anaerobic digestion

Technical support for a project in order to develop a small scale methanation model in agreement with agro-ecological values.